Long Term Wetland Ecosystem Research (LTWER) is a core facility at the Department of Geography and Regional Research of the University of Vienna.

Mission statement: Long Term Wetland Ecosystem Research (LTWER) is a core facility of the University of Vienna devoted to examining the ecosystem functioning of wetlands with a focus on carbon and water cycling in reed belt of Lake Neusiedl and the Alpine ombrotrophic bog Pürgschachen Moor.

Services: LTWER offers access to state-of-the-art equipment for the determination of greenhouse gas fluxes and associated data. Most of this equipment is installed at the two Long Term Ecological Research sites at Lake Neusiedl and Pürgschachen Moor. At these sites, LTWER feature Eddy Covariance towers equipped for the analysis of carbon dioxide, methane and water fluxes (LI-COR Eddy Covariance System) LTWER also offers the option of renting mobile devices: A cavity-ring down laser spectrometer (Picarro G2201-i Isotopic Gas Analyzer) equipped for the determination of the concentration and fluxes of 12CO2 and 12CH4 as well as 13CO2 and 13CH4 that includes a distribution manifold and a small sample size injection module for gaseous samples >= 20 mL volume. A set of 12 autochambers including a LI-840A CO2 gas analyser for the determination of CO2 and CH4 fluxes are also available for rent. LTWER encourages research cooperations. For a quotation on data access or renting equipment, please contact the technical head of LTWER, Andreas Maier.