Picarro G2201-i Isotopic Gas Analyzer

measures δ13C for CH4 and CO2

“The Picarro G2201-i/ isotope analyzer combines capabilities of two Picarro δ13C carbon isotope instruments for CO2 and CH4 into a single instrument. Now it’s easy and fast to capture the insights that only stable isotope ratios offer. Researchers can follow carbon as it moves from source to sink with a single instrument. The dual-purpose analyzer brings simplicity and speed to research. Its small size and robustness make it easy to transport to the field, where immediate results allow researchers to change course on-the-fly and achieve optimal results from limited-time field campaigns.”- Picarro

Peripherals to extend and expand functionality:

  • 16-Port Distribution Manifold
    Sequentially samples up to 8 sources
  • Small Sample Introduction Module 2
    Analyze discrete gas samples as small as 20 mL